3 Easy Ways to Keep Great Connections in Quarantine

3 Easy Ways to Keep Great Connections in Quarantine

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What are some easy ways to keep great connections in quarantine? The fallout from the Coronavirus pandemic will stretch far and wide. All of the burdens we face today go far beyond the financial. Being cooped up all day and night alone, or with a roommate, family, or partner can test anyone’s sanity. But staying indoors means doing your part to slow the spread of COVID-19.

So how do we stay sane and maintain great connections while we have to take this time apart in quarantine?

1. Screen Time Connections During Quarantine

Phone calls and texting may have been enough to keep in touch before the Coronavirus outbreak, but now we need to really see and feel each others’ love and support. As much as you can, make sure to video chat with your friends, family, loved ones, and neighbors. Use video conference and call apps like FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom and Facebook Messenger to talk face to face. You may need to schedule a good time in advance to keep from interrupting anyone’s routine. Those still performing essential work and working from home won’t have the free time and availability those laid off and furloughed do. Communication technology makes it easy to maintain those great connections, so regardless ensure to schedule some time to include them in your week!

2. Date Night and Girls Night Connections During Quarantine

Dating in the digital age has made it much easier to transition to video dating during the pandemic quarantine. There are a plethora of dating apps and sites to meet people on, so you can use the video call apps to get to know them better. You can build great connections while in quarantine because these options still give you a good idea of what the person would be like in person.

If you are already coupled up, it’s fun to pretend you are going on a date. Get dressed up, make a beautiful meal, and “stay in” for a movie afterward. You’ll have the theatre all to yourself, of course! It’s especially important to nurture the connections with the people you are in quarantine with. This is a great way to take a break from the realities of the world and truly enjoy each other’s company. Coupled up but quarantined apart? Cosmopolitan suggests some ways to accept that type of situation here, but if you are in this situation it probably means turning to technology as a means to stay connected romantically. We’ll let you get creative!

And finally, when you can’t meet with your girlfriends in person, it’s a great idea to plan an online meeting with them. A fun night of cocktails or morning coffee in front of your screens can strengthen and maintain the connections that are so important to your sanity during the quarantine.

3. Fun & Games in Quarantine

One-on-one’s are great, but game nights can be even better. Schedule a session with a few friends or family members and enjoy a fun game night together. There are multiplayer online games with open worlds, or you can join a private room to play cards, board, word, and other games with each other online. If you want to recreate a real-feeling game night you can just use the conference apps and play or make up your own games similar to Password, Heads Up, and Charades. You will have so much fun playing games with your friends and family, you’ll barely notice that you’re connecting at a distance (and in quarantine!).

We can get through this chaotic, lonely, and unprecedented time if we stick together apart and support each other in isolation. Let’s protect each other physically and emotionally, and help slow the spread while staying connected.

What are some ways that you are staying connected with your friends and family while in quarantine these days?

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