April Monthly Horoscopes & Journal Prompts

April Monthly Horoscopes & Journal Prompts

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Introducing Monthly Horoscopes and Journal Prompts to Happy Daughter Media! Are you as excited as we are?!

Our horoscopes are developed by Kyla, who is the founder of HATHA ASTRO, the hub for modern Astrology. She helps her clients realize their cosmic purpose and highest potential! If you are interested in a in-depth reading, reach out to Kyla here so she can do her thing!


Happy Birthday Aries! Due to COVID-19, this celebration may be a bit different than those in the past. However, look at this as an opportunity to reflect on the year ahead. Get some crafting goods and put together a birthday vision board. Make an at home SPA and treat yourself like the goddess you are. On April 3rd, Venus enters your third house of marketing and communications. This extra long transit (lasting until August) will bless any pet projects you have on the go. This is the to make some big moves. Don’t be afraid to promote yourself — You could end up with a tantalizing offer that lights you (and your bank account) up!   These journal prompts promote your solar new year:

  1. What can I do this year to bring me closer to bring me closer to my ideal life? In what ways can I start living that life now?
  2. When I picture myself this time next year, what do I see? What have I accomplished? What kind of person am I?

  3. Now that I know what makes me happiest, what can I do to bring more of that into my life?


Hola Taurus. Confined to your home? This won’t phase you in the slightest as the sun blazes through your introspective twelve house this month. R&R is your middle name. This is a big time of letting go and release as this sector of your chart is all about endings.  Sitting in meditation will spark creativity now. Venus moves into Gemini on April third and your second house of values. Sign up for some online courses. If you have been thinking about starting up a passion project, the stars are blessing you now. It may bring some extra cash in your pocket for Amazon splurges. These journal prompts will promote closure and help activate the cosmic energy supporting you:

  1. What does letting go mean to you?

  2. What are some beliefs about yourself you need to restructure?

  3. What limiting beliefs about your future do you need to release?


Hi Gemini! Who is your tribe? Groups, organizations and friends are taking center stage for you. All kinds of laughable given our current house bound affairs but don’t let this stop you. Use social platforms and video chats to connect with the people and things you care about. This transit also rules media, marketing, and communication. Thinking about starting an online biz? Now is the time! With Venus lighting up your first house of self, you will be giving off extra good vibes. You may want to pamper yourself now. Make an at home SPA and give yourself a pedicure and manicure. These journal prompts will help you work with this energy:

  1. What ways have your friendships affected you positively or negatively?

  2. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: I have a lot of good friends and we know we can depend on each other in a time of need.  Free write for 10 mins about your response.

  3. How can we heal collectively?

  4. How can I change my thoughts to align with positivity. What negative thinking patterns do I have?


Cancer! The Sun is blazing through your Midheaven or tenth house. You can be on high visibility and promotions and recognition are possible now… even if you are working from home! Or maybe all this COVID-19 stuff has you anxious and concerned about finances. Remember this too shall pass. This is a collective issue and isn’t a reflection of your personal monetary habits.  Lady Venus is transiting in your 12th house of endings and closure. This can be an extremely creative and meditative time for you. You could be ready to let some outdated beliefs about yourself go.  Reflect on your career while responding to these journal prompts:

  1. What goals do I want to achieve this quarter?

  2. What did I learn today?

  3. What is my biggest issue in regards to organization and time management?

  4. I am proud of myself professionally because….

  5. What is it about my job that makes me happiest?

  6. What are my strengths? Am I putting those strengths to good use? What is my ideal career?


Leo! Despite current events + travel restrictions, you have your mind on foreign destinations. Now I know, it isn’t exactly an ideal time to plan your next getaway but that doesn’t mean you can’t infuse your day with something a little exotic. Maybe try making some authentic Indian dishes or a Thai papaya salad.  Listen to music inspired by faraway lands. Better yet, pull out your travel boxes and start scrapbooking. Venus is transiting your eleventh house for an extra long stay activating your sector of groups, organizations, and collaboration. Maybe sign up for an online seminar with a group of like minded individuals. These journal prompts will be especially powerful for you now.

  1. What does adventure mean to you?

  2. What do you believe is more important: the journey or the destination? Why?

  3. What is the most adventurous thing you have done in your life so far?x What are the biggest lessons you have learned on the journey of life?


Hola Virgo! This month could be steamy with the Sun blazing through your eighth house of intimacy, sex and bonding. Hey, with all this added time in ‘su casa’, this isn’t really a shock. If you don’t have a bae this could be a time of purging and release. You could be drawn to the occult now and anything a bit, well, witchy. With Venus lighting up your tenth house you could be thinking about entirely new career paths. Let your intuition be your guide.  These journal prompts will promote the current cosmic energies at play in your chart:

  1. What is intimacy to you?

  2. In what ways can you cultivate more intimacy in your life and in general and/or relationships in particular?

  3. Illustrate yourself in all your vulnerability

  4. What is love to you?

  5. What are my strengths? Am I putting those strengths to good use?


Hola Libra! Partnerships are your main focus now — Business, marriage or otherwise. You could be dealing with lawyers or other legal issues perhaps related to business. Two is the magic number and you are scheming up ways of how you can be part of a dynamic duo that will make big moves. Venus is spending an extra long stint in your ninth house of higher learning. Has the recent COVID-19 put your money making prospects on hold? You may be thinking about education pursuits to ensure you aren’t in this position again. These prompts will focus on self-love to help you serve the other important people in your life.

  1. What is your biggest struggle with loving yourself?

  2. What do you need to start saying “yes” to?

  3. List 5 things your proud of:

  4. Name 5 things you are crazy good at:

  5. Where do I see myself in 10 years?


Hola Scorpio. Being confined to ‘su casa’ this month could be inspiring your to clean out your closet! Organization, health, daily rituals and routines — These will be at the forefront of your mystical mind for April. Perhaps try some Ayurvedic daily rituals to keep you grounded. Missing the gym like crazy? Tune into some live yoga classes to keep the energy circulating through your body. With Venus transiting your eighth house you could be feeling especially deep. You could end up with some windfalls of money coming from loved ones or the government. These journal prompts will assist you on your mission to clean living.

  1. How will eating healthily affect my body in the future?

  2. How do you feel after eating a healthy meal?

  3. What is your favorite healthy food?

  4. What rituals could you add to your daily routine to make you feel more grounded and organized?


Dear Sagittarius. Fun, romance, and creativity are on the cards for you in April and the sun blazes through your exciting fifth house in April. Perhaps you have a lot of free time on your hands in the home and you are ready to purse some things that light you from the inside out. How about starting up that travel writing blog you have always thought about? Or perhaps you want to start trying your hand at making beaded malas. Venus is moving into Gemini this month which is the relationship sector of your chart. You could be thinking more about how to take your partnership to the next level. Single? You could meet someone with staying power now.

  1. Who has inspired creativity in you?

  2. What is a dream you have always had?

  3. What are your creative outlets?

  4. Write a haiku about your breakfast.

  5. Write 19 words that you love


Dear Capricorn. You could be spending a lot of extra time in the home due to current events and you want it to be a sanctuary.  You could be redecorating, updating, or even relocating. Whatever it is, you will want to feel good in your space. This could mean your spiritual home as well (the body). Venus is moving into Gemini this month and your organized sixth house. You may be finding a lot of peace and enjoyment in your daily routines and rituals that keep you grounded. These journal prompts will inspire you to make your inner + outer surroundings an oasis:

  1. What does the concept of home mean to you? Who in my family do I need to forgive?

  2. What are the things you look forward to when you are home?

  3. If you could choose anywhere in the world to be your home, where would it be? Use this to inspire you to choose items, color schemes, etc.


Hi Aquarius! This is a big month for communications. Due to the COVID-19 it might not be in traditional ‘Water Bearer’ terms. However, anything to do with marketing, sales, and technology will be especially profitable now.  You could be focused on intellectual pursuits and promoting yourself. Stay aware of the mind and thought through meditation. How do you talk to yourself? If you heard a bully criticizing someone the way your inner critic talks to you, what would you say to them? Venus will be moving into Gemini and your fifth house of creativity on April third. Stay grounded in these uncertain times by tapping into your imagination. Check out the journal prompts below to fuel this cosmic boost for you:

  1. Write 10 things you are grateful for today?
  2. How can I restructure my thinking? What notions about myself and others can I let go of? What am I not seeing with clarity?

  3.  What are 3 of my life passions?


Hi Pisces. Now that your birthday season has passed, you are beginning another cycle. Time to take stock of what you value most. Remember, the order matters here. If you prioritize success over health, you are going to be burned out AF. Are you doing things daily to serve your highest and greatest good? On April third, Venus will begin to travel through your fourth house of home. Ironic much with this COVID-19 crisis? Make your space an oasis.  The journal prompts below will help you fulfill your cosmic quest while the sun blazes through your second house:

  1. When I am in pain, physical or emotional, the kindest thing I can do for myself is….

  2. What can you learn from your biggest mistakes?

  3. I feel energized when…

  4. What are my top 5 values? Do I serve them daily? Where can I lean into life?

For all your astrology needs, visit Kyla’s website here or follow her on Instagram here! Want to check out next month’s horoscope? Save this page here!

Kyla is the founder of HATHA ASTRO, the hub for modern Astrology. Through planetary interpretation and spiritual tourism, she helps clients realize their cosmic purpose and highest potential. Kyla was raised in British Columbia, Canada and now resides in Palma De Mallorca, Spain. She holds a Bachelor of Tourism Management from Capilano University. When she isn’t practicing yoga or studying Spanish, she is drinking a big glass of oaky Chardonnay.


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    This is awesome I love the presentation.. I am a Taurus bad ass lol lol . The description was exactly what I am doing right now.. Love it keep them coming.. Sending Metta _/\_

    1. Emily Lauren Dick Reply

      Thanks so much Linda! We will be posting horoscopes every month by Kyla! Stay tuned for May which will be coming soon! 🙂

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