August Monthly Horoscopes & Journal Prompts

August Monthly Horoscopes & Journal Prompts

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Our horoscopes are developed by Kyla, who is the founder of HATHA ASTRO, the hub for modern Astrology. She helps her clients realize their cosmic purpose and highest potential! If you are interested in an in-depth reading, reach out to Kyla here so she can do her thing! And make sure you checked out your horoscope from last month to see if you are on the right path!


Fun, romance, and creativity are hallmarks for you in August dear Aries.  The sun in your fifth house is an excellent time to get in touch with your inner child. What lights you up from the inside out? Someone tall, dark, and handsome could catch your eye over the next four weeks. Enjoy some flirtation, while maintaining a social distance of course. Attached? Find new creative ways to connect. Try something you two have never done together before! Salsa classes anyone? You may feel inspired to do some renovations around your home when Venus enters Cancer on August 7th. If this isn’t in the budget perhaps look for some fresh art pieces to spice up your sanctuary. This month you could be feeling some existential tension about who you are and what you are called here to do.  Sit in meditation and ask your subconscious guide you to the answer.

  1. What are some things that generally make me happy?

  2. What negative things have occurred that distract me from seeing things positively? How can I release them?

  3. I feel most playful and spontaneous when….


Home is where the heart is this month for the steady bull.  With the Sun blazing through your introspective fourth house, curling up in cozy sweats with a kale smoothie and some good reads is just what the doctor ordered.  You want your home to be a sanctuary so you may be decorating, updating, or even relocating.  Whatever it is, it is all about enhancing your safe + sacred space.   On August 7th, Venus enters Cancer, which blesses your communication and marketing sector. Update your social profiles and start that e-course you signed up for. Matters related to philosophy, spirituality, and expansion are topics dear to your heart this year. This month, allow yourself to release thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving you — This will aid in your quest for ascension.

  1. If I knew that I could trust my future, I would do the following…

  2. What lessons from my experiences can I carry with me?


Happy August Gemini!  Communications and intellectual pursuits will be thriving this month. Marketing, sales, and technology will be especially profitable now. Perhaps you are thinking of ways to monetize some of your artistic endeavors — get busy promoting yourself! Beware of negative thought patterns at this time. This transit is notorious for thinking ourselves in circles. Stay mindful and ground yourself in these uncertain times by tapping into the present moment. When we become aware of the thoughts, we are in a better position to challenge those that don’t serve us. On August 7th, Venus enters your second house of values and abundance. Make self-care a priority but watch for overspending.  You may feel some tension now between your need for community and your closest partnerships. Everyone wants a piece of you!

  1. I am so proud of myself for….

  2. The five best minutes of day were….

  3. I forgive myself for…


Hola Cancer! Your birthday season has officially passed and now the time is ripe for fresh beginnings as you enter a new solar cycle. ‘El Sol’ is blazing through your second house of values. What do you really care about? Do you take time to serve your morals daily? Remember the order matters! If you prioritize success over health, you are going to be burned out AF. Focus on feelings you can cultivate rather than ideals or material items.  Lady Venus moves into your sign on August 7th. Did someone say new look? You may be feeling compelled to change your style. Hello, summer sales! This year has been a learning curve for you in regards to relationships — You may be redefining the ones you are in and learning to set boundaries.  You will need to put these new skills in practice when work demands becoming pressing this month.  When your attention needs to be on professional matters — make it clear to your loved ones that you will carve out quality time with them upon completion.

  1. What do I want to accomplish this year?

  2. What am I proud of myself for accomplishing last year?

  3. What is one thing (large or small) that you want to accomplish in the next five years?


Happy Birthday, Leo! Did someone say party time? Okay, maybe it’s not exactly the fiesta you’ve been dreaming of but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be epic! You may be delaying Cabo San Lucas until further notice but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring Mexico to you!  Get out the guacamole (and a Piñata) and call your fave people. It’s not all social this month especially when Venus enters your twelfth house of endings and closure on August 7th.  You could be feeling more introverted than normal during this period, craving quality time with meditation apps and incense. Allow yourself time to reflect and let go of anything that is not serving your highest and greatest good.  You are dreaming of expanding your horizons more so than usual dear Leo. However, your daily responsibilities are looming large and your big schemes may feel restricted. This is a short term set back. Next month, things will balance out again.

  1. I choose to let go of what I can’t control including….

  2. What are three things I can think about to switch my mood at any given moment…

  3. What characteristics do I associate with a confident woman?


Hola Virgo! You are feeling extra introverted this month while the sun blazes through your twelfth house of closure.  Social distancing? No problem! R&R is your middle name right now. The time is ripe for releasing patterns that no longer serve you. Taking time to meditate will spark creativity now. On August 7th, Venus moves into Cancer and your eleventh house of collaboration. What groups and causes are important to you? You feel compelled to get involved with projects that benefit the greater good.  Creative pursuits, children, fun, and creativity have been highlighted for you this year. Balancing this area of your life with the needs of others feels daunting in August but this tension will ease up next month.

  1. What limiting beliefs about the future can I release?

  2. What does letting go mean to you?

  3. What patterns of behavior have been holding you back?


Libra’s are notoriously “us” oriented valuing harmony amongst partnerships. This month your focus is going to be on community more than ever. With the sun blazing through your eleventh house of collaboration, the needs of your tribe are in focus. You may feel destined to do something that benefits humanity at large. What is something you deeply care about? This a great time to start thinking about how you can make a career out of your passions for others. Your ruler, Venus, will be blessing this ambitions from August 7th forward.  Family issues have been looming large all year and changes to your foundations have been rocking you to the core.  Finding security through the storms hasn’t been easy — This month is about setting boundaries. Take care of yourself first, so you can really show up for your loved ones.

  1. If you could tell someone how you’re truly feeling right now & what you need to heal, what would you tell them?

  2. How exactly do you feel in this moment?

  3. What makes you feel the way you described above?


Hola Scorpio! The sun is blazing through your house of career and public relations this month. You will be on high visibility and promotions and recognition are possible now — even if you are working from home! You might be taking a serious look at what it is you want to accomplish. What are your dreams? What legacy do you want to leave behind? Map out your strategies and take daily steps to get you moving in the right direction. Your ideals around expansion will be blessed when Venus moves into Cancer on August 7th. There has never been a better time to take on an educational pursuit! This year there has been an emphasis on the mind — You are becoming aware of how your thoughts empower you. The demands of your daily responsibilities can feel overwhelming in August — practice mindfulness.

  1. What is one thing (large or small) you want to accomplish over the next six months?

  2. What is one thing (large or small) you want to accomplish in the next year?


Sagittarius knows the meaning of wanderlust, more so than any other signs. This month you are dreaming of your next adventure.  Now I know, this year isn’t the best for long-distance travel but that doesn’t mean you can’t infuse your days with something a little exotic. Maybe try making some new culture-inspired dishes and listen to music inspired by faraway lands? This transit is mostly about expansion. If you can’t get your hands on a plane ticket, dive into a new educational pursuit. On August 7th, Venus moves into Cancer and your eighth house of intimacy and bonding. This transit is going to be hot!  Single or attached, you are craving total soul merging. Financial pressures could be looming large and getting in the way of your desires for fun and steamy romance.  Do your best to balance responsibilities with pleasure — Next month this tension will dissipate.

  1. What are two things I am interested in learning? What is it about these topics you are drawn to?

  2. What qualities do you look for in an intimate partner?

  3. How can you feel more spiritually connected to your partner?


This month is going to be HOT Capricorn! The sun blazing through your eighth house of sex and bonding. Hey, with all this extra time in ‘su casa’ this doesn’t come as a shock. Right now you crave intimacy more than ever — You want to get deep with your partner outside the sheets too. If you are single, you could be doing some psychological work and shedding some old skins. The time is ripe to let go of any simmering connections and make way for new steamy prospects. The occult and anything, well, witchy will appeal to you now.  On August 8th, Venus moves into your committed partnership zone. Is it time to take it to the next level with someone special? Now is the time! Home and family matters have come into focus recently — This transit will continue into 2021. Take care of loved ones but don’t forget to carve out time for numero uno too.

  1. What uncomfortable experiences have I survived in the past?

  2. What options am I not seeing?

  3. On the other side of this experience, my life will look like…


Hola Aquarius! This has been a year of transformation for your eclectic sign, especially when it comes to groups and associations. However, this month your mind could be on one special connection and you are willing to sacrifice your individual needs for the sake of a dynamic duo.  If you are single, some old prospects may resurface who have serious staying potential. It’s all about timing and now it’s totally ripe.  Health, wellness, and organization take center stage for you when Venus moves into Cancer on August 7th. How can you maximize your most productive hours of the day? Friction can arise in your friendships this month. Try to keep your competitive side at bay! The grass is always greener on the other side.

  1. What mistakes have you made in your relationships that you wish you could repair?

  2. How can you let these experiences go?

  3. Write a message to your future self about how you want to be treated in your next relationship.


Hola Pisces! All this time in your ‘casa’ could be inspiring you to clean out your closet! Organization, health, and routines will be on the forefront of your mystical mind this month. Are you a bit of a hoarder? You might feel compelled to donate old items that no longer bring you value. Don’t let nostalgia plague you. If you haven’t used it or worn it, get rid of it.   This is also an excellent time to think about implementing a new morning or evening ritual. Are you missing the gym like crazy? Try some yoga on demand to keep those chakras balanced. Romance and creativity are heightened when Venus moves into your expressive fifth house on August 7th. Maybe it’s time to reinstall Tinder! Your value system is going to be highlighted for the rest of 2020 — allow things to fall by the wayside that no longer serves you,. This will help you build your self-esteem!

  1. What foods and thoughts make you feel the best?

  2. What foods and thoughts make you feel crummy?

  3. What new health routines would you like to adopt?

Kyla is the founder of HATHA ASTRO, the hub for modern Astrology. Through planetary interpretation and spiritual tourism, she helps clients realize their cosmic purpose and highest potential. Kyla was raised in British Columbia, Canada and now resides in Palma De Mallorca, Spain. She holds a Bachelor of Tourism Management from Capilano University. When she isn’t practicing yoga or studying Spanish, she is drinking a big glass of oaky Chardonnay.

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