Bella Hadid Cuts Her Own Bangs During Quarantine

Bella Hadid Cuts Her Own Bangs During Quarantine

Bella Hadid recently took to Instagram to document her quarantine hair journey, showing off her freshly cut bangs.

The youngest of the Hadid sisters has made quite a name for herself in the fashion world. She has proved time and time again that her fashion and style are worth following. Although Hadid likely has a professional hair styling team around the clock during her normal routine, she proved that she’s just like anyone else in quarantine. Maybe her experience working with the best stylists have taught her a few things because clearly she can cut her own hair and make it look great all on her own! Did you catch a peek of Bella Hadid’s Instagram stories where she cuts her own bangs? I won’t be surprised if her Instagram story inspires others to do the same. We can’t wait to see some sneak peeks of her new style in her Insta feed! For now, we are soaking up Bella living her version of quarantine life.

There is something about being stuck inside for weeks that has led to people cutting or coloring their own hair. Whether it is pure boredom that has led to this latest trend, or the control that changing your hair gives you, it seems to be a popular way of coping with the lifestyle changes that have resulted from the coronavirus pandemic. You or a loved one may have already turned to the scissors or dye box. I know I have! But now, even celebrities are doing it.

I want to know what your hair care routine looks like right now! Has the quarantine lifestyle inspired you to make any dramatic beauty changes? Tag us on Instagram so we can see your new do or visit our beauty page for some tips on styling at home!

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