Clever Ways to Spring Clean Your Kitchen: #2 Will Surprise You

Clever Ways to Spring Clean Your Kitchen: #2 Will Surprise You

Although you probably already have an established kitchen cleaning routine, I want to share a few clever cleaning hacks that you probably haven’t thought of before. All of these tips and tricks will make you go “wow, I wish I knew this sooner!” These helpful tidbits for cleaning the kitchen will make your life so much easier. You can thank me later!

#1 You can disinfect your sponges

Sponges are great for cleaning everything in your kitchen, from your cooking tools to your floors (don’t use the same one, of course!). What you might not know is that a kitchen sponge can actually be disinfected in the microwave—and you can do it pretty frequently! I’ve started just tossing my slightly damp sponge into the microwave and blasting it every few days. Run it for 90 seconds on high, and you’ll get a clean sponge after! Just make sure your sponge has no metal components.

#2 Dryer sheets can help save your grimy pans and baking sheets

I’ll be real with you. When I found out about this tip, it blew my mind a little! I never would have thought to use a dryer sheet for this purpose myself. But when I was told that I could put my dirty baking sheet or my grimy frying pan in the sink with warm water, dish soap, and a dryer sheet, I wanted to try it right away. True enough, after letting it sit for a couple of hours, the grime just…wiped away. Try it yourself!

#3 You can use your vacuum to clean your cabinets

Done cleaning the floors? Don’t put the vacuum away just yet! You can use your vacuum to clean out your cabinets, too. When you spring clean, it’s important to make sure that you clean the cabinets out, too. A vacuum will help get those pesky crumbs from every single nook and cranny.

#4 Easy oven cleaning

If you use your oven often, you know how grimy and gross it can get. It’s a good idea to clean your oven regularly. Hands up if you are like me and are guilty of always putting this off (who wants to spend all that time scrubbing away in that tiny space?). Puttign off cleaning your oven only makes the mess harder and harder to clean.

This trick is one that has been passed on to me from my dear old mom! If you want to clean your oven without having to scrub a lot, you need to make up a solution that is made up of equal parts of water, white vinegar, and baking soda. With the oven off (and cool), apply the solution everywhere, avoiding the heating elements, of course. Close the oven door then leave it for a few hours. When you’re ready to finish cleaning, just wipe your oven with soapy water. Wipe it dry after and voila!

Do you have any tricks or hacks for cleaning? I want to hear them!

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