Laura Dern Gets At Home Dye-Job By Daughter Jaya Harper

Laura Dern Gets At Home Dye-Job By Daughter Jaya Harper

Actress Laura Dern and Daughter Jaya Harper

Laura Dern and daughter Jaya Harper bond during quarantine with an at-home dye job and organic skincare routine.

The current lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic has us all switching up our regular routines. Some people are off work entirely, while essential workers are working harder than ever. On a positive note, being under quarantine has brought many people closer together with their families. Included, are Laura Dern and daughter, Jaya Harper, who have gotten to spend a little extra time together under one roof.

Dern and her daughter were recently spotlighted after Jaya featured the star in one of her now-viral Tik Toks. While the actress may have just won her first Academy Award, it is clear that her family continues to come first. Dern spoke with Refinery29 about their current situation, sharing that self-care plays a key role in their wellbeing. She added that it can help them “maintain a sense of normalcy,” during the quarantine.

Both Laura and Jaya have turned to a nightly skincare routine which also helps them bond. They have been favoring products like True Botanicals, a company that uses all organic ingredients, and which Dern is a big supporter of. Recently, Dern let her daughter even perform an at-home dye job to touch up her roots! While it may seem scary to imagine a family member dying your hair, Dern said that her daughter did a pretty great job!

The pair are also spending their time helping others and challenging people to do a good deed! Follow their account @allgooddeeds2020 for some inspiration and if you have already done some good deeds, post a photo with #allgooddeeds2020!

How are you spending time with your family during quarantine? Have any of you turned to family members for help with your beauty routine since we’ve all been stuck inside? How did they do (bonus points if you tag us @happydaughtermedia when you post the outcome)?

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