Review: The Best Laid Plans by Cameron Lund

Review: The Best Laid Plans by Cameron Lund

Have you read Cameron Lund’s The Best Laid Plans yet?

It is a sweet and heartwarming story about friendship and romantic relationships nearing the end of high school when you start to become an adult. Even at age thirty, I enjoyed the story. It was mature enough to appeal to an older audience (and even brought back some of those high school feelings) but also relatable for anyone around the age of the characters.

It has been a while since I picked up a Young Adult book, but considering our current depressing climate, it was just what I needed.

What I loved about this book was that Cameron Lund did not shy away from the very complicated feelings you develop in high school regarding relationships and self. I think she did an excellent job explaining those feelings from a female perspective but also captured the male perspective. The social pressures for both sexes! The Best Laid Plans addressed the inequalities that women deal with when it comes to sex. Why is it that when two people have sex, the woman can be considered a slut but the man gets fist bumps and high fives? I loved how sex-positive Lund’s characters were but also that they were very conscious and affected by double standards.

The author made me cringe with her descriptions of relatable awkward situations and feelings that undoubtedly come up in high school. What also impressed me was that her characters weren’t the perfect, stereotypical, fairytale type. They were so real. And at times they were so mature, so unknowingly self-aware.

This book has an important message for its younger readers…that they are all worthy of love…the kind of love that allows you to truly be yourself. I think that is a very real and mature way to portray relationships because in real life they aren’t all hot and heavy all the time. The good ones are made of more than that. They are made of acceptance, laughter, difference, and friendship. And I really loved Keely and Andrew’s friendship. An excellent reminder to young women that they deserve the best.

I really hope that someone decides to turn this into a ROM-COM for the theatres because I would watch it in a heartbeat. Plus, any story that makes pizza references is my kind of book. Five stars for this one.

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