Taylor Swift Shares Her Struggle With Eating Disorder

Taylor Swift Shares Her Struggle With Eating Disorder

Taylor Swift looking off into distance at music awards

Taylor Swift has been in the public eye long enough to know that the media can be cruel by evaluating, nit-picking, criticizing, and otherwise degrading women’s bodies. The headline of her first magazine cover story was Pregnant at 18?

“It was because I had worn something that made my lower stomach look not flat,” she told Variety in a recent interview. “So I just registered that as a punishment.”

It took years before the singer and Gen-Z role model was able to open up about her very private battle with weight, body image, and self-loathing. In her Netflix documentary “Miss Americana”, she describes her painful journey to a place of self-acceptance.

“The fact that I’m a size six instead of a size double zero…[is] something that makes my life better,” she says in one of the film’s very revealing scenes. “That wasn’t how my body was supposed to be. I didn’t understand that at the time…I would have defended it to anyone who said, ‘I’m concerned about you.’ I would have said, ‘What are you talking about? Of course, I eat. It’s perfectly normal. I just exercise a lot.’ And I did exercise a lot. But I wasn’t eating.”

She’s not alone. In the U.S., an estimated 30 million people suffer from an eating disorder — 20 million of whom are women.

“You don’t ever say to yourself, like, ‘I’ve got an eating disorder.’ But you know you’re like making a list of everything you put in your mouth that day. I caught myself yesterday starting to [criticize my body] and I was like, ‘Nope. We don’t do that anymore…we’re changing the channel in our brains and we’re not doing that anymore…that didn’t end us up in a good place.”

Swift is in a good place all-around. Her last album, “Lover”, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard charts — the biggest week for any album since her last release, “reputation”, in 2017. Not too surprising when you consider she’s been a chart-topper for over a decade.

As her musical reign continues and her body-positive message resonates with the world, Swift is revealing a kind of self-love that’s worth emulating. Her new-found confidence and comfort in her own skin is certainly something to celebrate.

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