The EASIEST DIY Face Mask Ever

The EASIEST DIY Face Mask Ever

We are living in kind of a crazy time right now so I thought it would be great to share a simple DIY recipe (if you can even call it that!) for refreshing your face. It’s important to remember to take some time to care for yourself during the stress and anxiety of our current world situation. Hopefully this recipe will give you something to do while you self isolate, self-care and self amuse!!

Did you know that you don’t need a fancy store-bought face mask or a DIY recipe that calls for tons of ingredients to get fabulous looking skin?!

All you need is an egg! Yes, that’s right. Just one egg (and a bowl)!

  1. The first thing you need to do is separate the egg white from the yolk. You can do this by cracking your egg in half and tilting the egg yolk on to one side of the eggshell. This way the egg white can drip into your bowl. A great little tip is to actually use the other half of the eggshell to cradle the egg yolk so that the egg white can slip out more easily.
  2. Stir up the egg whites with a fork so that it becomes thin enough to somewhat separate.
  3. On a clean and makeup-free face, use your fingers to spread the egg whites all over!
  4. Let dry. You will feel the egg white begin to harden on your face. This doesn’t take too long!
  5. When it is all dried up on your face it will no longer feel sticky. Now it’s time to wash your face with warm water!
  6. Voila! All done. Your skin might feel a little tight after. This is because the egg whites help abort excess oil from your skin.

Egg whites contain vitamins that are beneficial to your skin’s health! If you feel like you need a little bit more moisture from your mask, you can add 1 tsp of honey and lemon juice (this is also known to help acne-prone skin).

This is a great recipe for a DIY face mask that uses very few ingredients. It’s safe and easy…gentle enough even for a little one! A must for your self-care needs right now.

Stay healthy everyone!

Emily is the founding editor of Happy Daughter, a body positive online community for women. She is a body image expert, who is passionate about promoting positive body image, media awareness, and healthy relationships. Emily is getting ready to release her book, Body Positive: A Guide to Loving Your Body in January 2021.

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