Why Everybody Should Use Witch Hazel

Why Everybody Should Use Witch Hazel

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Have you ever heard of witch hazel and all of its uses? If you haven’t, I’m here to tell you why everybody should use it. It’s a wonderful ingredient that you should always have available in your home. It’s got quite an interesting name, but beyond that name lies a ton of benefits that you’ll definitely enjoy. Let’s take a look at why this wonderful extract should have a home in your medicine cabinet.

What Exactly is Witch Hazel?

Witch hazel extract is often used as a topical treatment or as a toner (when it is used as skincare). Extracted from a plant with the same name, witch hazel is used in ointments and salves and is sometimes even made into tea. But, when extracted into astringent, Witch Hazel offers a ton of powerful uses. It’s a good idea to keep a bottle of alcohol-free witch hazel toner in your home—here are just some of the reasons why!

Soothes Inflammation

One of the biggest reasons why Witch Hazel is so popular is the fact that it has incredible anti-inflammation effects. If you often suffer from skin inflammation for whatever reason, this wonderful extract can help. Whether your inflammation is caused by a pimple or perhaps a bug bite, applying the extract can help to soothe the skin. A great way to do this is by putting some witch hazel on a cotton pad and then place it on the inflamed spot for 10-30 minutes.

Antiseptic Properties

Another reason why it’s such a good idea to keep Witch Hazel in your medicine cabinet is the fact that it works as a gentle antiseptic. If you are planning to use Witch Hazel for its antiseptic purposes, you may want to use a formulation with alcohol in it. But definitely skip the alcohol if your skin dries easily or if it’s sensitive!

Helps with Various Skin Issues

This wonderful extract is actually quite helpful to your skin in a number of situations. For example, Witch Hazel can help you to fight off acne. As you can imagine, the fact that Witch Hazel acts both as an anti-inflammatory and as a disinfectant which makes it a great weapon for your battle against acne (at least when it is caused by bacteria).

Beyond acne, Witch Hazel can also help you with other skin conditions such as Eczema and even Psoriasis. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of this plant extract, it is a great natural treatment for these conditions. While Witch Hazel is a great natural product, it shouldn’t be used in the replacement of your doctor-recommended treatments. It may be better to use Witch Hazel as a supplementary treatment.

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Helps Wound Healing and Wards Off Infections

Keep some Witch Hazel in the first aid kit and you’ll be able to prevent infections if you get some cuts, nicks, and scrapes. This extract is also known to help support wound healing, as long as you use an alcohol-free formula that is!

Witch Hazel is a great little natural wonder with so many unique benefits. A natural product that works wonders! The only downside is the fact that it has a distinct smell that some people dislike. Thankfully, after usage, the smell does fade quickly!

Have you ever tried Witch Hazel before? What do you use it for? Do you like the smell? 

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