Why I’m Choosing Happiness, Joy, and Most Importantly Myself

Why I’m Choosing Happiness, Joy, and Most Importantly Myself

When I would read articles about women investing in themselves, I would never really understood what they meant. I mean, doesn’t everyone already do that? It wasn’t until I realized that I was putting myself on the back burner, that having “me time” was so essential. I needed to make time for things that made me happy.

Around April of last year I was diagnosed with Melanoma. Let me tell you, it was a real shock and I am still processing what having a cancer diagnosis really means. After my diagnosis I was pretty depressed. I just wanted to sleep all the time and even the things that truly used to bring me joy gave me no pleasure at all. I had only confided within my close group of friends what I was going through and even then I started to push them away. I stopped answering phone calls and messages. I was just too exhausted and sad to talk anymore. Thankfully they are very stubborn and didn’t give up on me. But then in the fall, life through my for another loop and I injured my knee so badly I wasn’t able to walk for a few months. This was the lowest I have ever felt in my life. I did not envision my life at 37 with cancer, mobility issues, anxiety, and depression.

I’m not sure where along the line things started to change for me. I’m not going to say that it was overnight, or that I don’t still struggle with depression and anxiety, but I started making a conscious effort to make my life better. I started doing things for myself…things that truly make me feel happy. This is actually where the idea of my blog started. Beauty products, hair accessories, decorating, and everything in between are things that truly make me feel joy. So what not spend some time each day and actually do something that I love? And then write about it!

Far too often I would roll out of bed, brush my teeth and spend the day in my pajamas. Did this make me happy? Not at all! I was just going through the motions of getting up and feeling sad all day. Then one morning I decided that I deserved better. I didn’t want to feel “blah” everyday. I was going to get up and start my day making myself feel good.  It started with something simple. It was something that I used to do daily before the depression was in full force….simply a daily skincare routine. It is so simple, but it made me feel so amazing. I had no idea what an easy skincare routine would do for my mental health. Spending time on myself, and doing my makeup and hair really made me feel happy. I also felt motived to accomplish things around the house again and even reach out to friends who I had previously been avoiding.

Slowly I’ve started to incorporate other things that I enjoyed back into my daily routine. I’ve never been a person to wear makeup every day, but I do love playing around with new BB creams or foundations to see how they work. I am now starting to enjoy the process of getting ready, instead of just running out the door or getting to the next task.

I am still learning to make time for myself each day. I may not get an hour to myself each day, but I am making sure that what time I do have to myself is used for creating happiness within myself.

How do you take time for yourself?

XOXO Heather

A teacher and photographer with a passion for all things beauty. When she is not on the lookout for the latest beauty products you can find her with her husband, two kids and fur babies.

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